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The Army & Air Force Exchange Service School Meal Program (AAFES)

The Exchange School Meal Program provides wholesome, nutritious meals to eligible students. They follow the same USDA guidelines as schools throughout the United States and provide Free and Reduced-Price Meals for students who qualify under Federal Guidelines.

The Goals of the Exchange School Meal Program
  1. Create an atmosphere of excellent customer service and care for all
  2. Make school meals a noticeable extension of the classroom and a learning environment for nutrition education
  3. Give students the best nutritional value for their money



How do I obtain a lunch account for my child?
Please visit your school with all necessary documents to properly register your child for school. A school staff member will provide you with a DoDEA student ID number so you may open up an online account with MyPaymentsPlus (MPP).

What is MyPaymentsPlus (MPP) and how does it work?
MyPaymentsPlus (MPP) is K-12 online payment system enabling parents to deposit into their student’s account for meals. An MPP account is free and will allow you to monitor and manage lunch account online or through a phone app. It will also send you a trigger e-mail when your AAFES lunch account is low. MPP does charge a small % fee for lunch accounts deposits, but the account and trigger emails are absolutely free! You are not required to deposit through MPP, you can also make payments at AAFES customer service or the cafeteria for free.

If you need more information please contact your installation School Liaison.

What time is breakfast and lunch for my child?

Please contact your child’s teacher for the correct time.

What do I do if my child forgets lunch or lunch money?

School cafeteria will make special arrangements to feed your child. Your child will receive a regular pattern school meal with instructions on the proper repayment method. You, the parent, will also receive a notice via email with proper repayment methods. The cafeteria is not allowed to change any a la carte items (if available at your school) if no sufficient funds is on the account. Please make an appointment with your local school cafeteria manager (or designated school meals representative) for further clarification.

How do I know if I qualify for Free or Reduced Student Meal Program?

If your total household size and income on the chart is the same or less than the amounts on the Income Eligibility Chart, your child is eligible to receive free meals. A foster child who is the legal responsibility of the courts is eligible to receive free meals regardless of your income. Children enrolled in Sure Start are considered a direct certification program and automatically qualify for free school meals.

How do I apply for the Free and Reduced Student Meal Program?
Applications are made through an online application on AAFES site. Applications are available on 1 July and you must have your student’s DoDEA student ID number. It is very important that a correct email address is included in the application or you will not receive the status confirmation email. If you opted to complete a manual application obtained through your School Liaison (SL), your SL can submit the application online for you.

NEW APPLICANTS: Please apply as early at 1 July and contact your School Liaison (SL) for assistance.

RENEWAL APPLICANTS: Please renew your application as soon as possible. Families that qualified for free or reduced last school year have a 30 day calendar window once school has started to re-apply for this current school year.

For assistance please review these step-by-step instructions for filling out online free and reduced meal application.

Do NOT include overseas housing allowance (OHA) or Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) in total income. You MUST include base pay and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS).

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School Meals Program

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