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Supporting Offices

Support Offices
Center for Early Dispute Resolution

Center for Early Dispute Resolution

CEDR (DoDEA’s Center for Early Dispute Resolution) is a neutral, confidential resource that assists DoDEA and its employees in addressing and managing conflicts and disputes
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Competitive Sourcing Program Office

The Competitive Sourcing Program Office (CSPO) was established to oversee and manage the execution of DoDEA's Competitive Sourcing plan in accordance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular No. A-76, titled "Performance of Commercial Activities."
Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity

Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity

The Diversity, Management, and Equal Opportunity Division leverages a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace, free of unlawful discrimination, by enhancing leadership’s competencies and overall organizational capabilities. The Division consists of two branches: Resolution and Compliance Branch and Diversity and Inclusion Branch.
Research Evaluation Education Office

Education, Research, Evaluations, and Accountability

The Research, Accountability, and Evaluation Division is responsible for enabling data-driven decision-making in DoDEA and developing a system of accountability based on that data. The Division consists of the Research Branch, the Accountability Branch, and the Evaluation Branch.
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Executive Services Division

The Executive Services Division ensures DoDEA day-to-day operations effectively meet the requirements of DoD and federal rules, regulations, and laws as the agency accomplishes its primary mission. The Division consists of the Government Information Branch, the Records Management Branch, and the Administrative Support Branch.
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Facilities Division

Globally, the Facilities Division maintains 600 buildings, totaling approximately 19.6 million gross square feet. In addition to the operations, maintenance and repair of existing facilities, the Facilities Division is responsible for the planning, design, and construction-management of all renovations, and new facilities being built.
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General Counsel

The General Counsel facilitates DoDEA’s global educational mission by providing timely legal advice and counsel, effective advocacy, and creative problem-solving. The Division consists of the following branches: Center for Dispute Resolution, Procurement and Fiscal Law Branch, Labor Law and Litigation Branch, Administrative Law Branch, and Overseas Field Offices.
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Human Resources

The Human Resources Division oversees recruitment and staffing, educator certification and recertification, classification and compensation, human capital record keeping, labor management relations, and data integrity.
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Information Technology

Leadership in Information Technology is distributed among two functions: the Chief Information Officer, who is responsible for strategy, policies, planning and budget, and the Chief Technology Officer, who is responsible for operations. The Office of the Chief Technology oversees world-wide operations and sustainment of IT and telephone services, and manages customer service support, global advisors, and enterprise infrastructure. The Office of Chief Information manages strategy, policy, and planning for IT and telephony; manages IT and telephone resources (manpower and budget); manages technical project management for IT and telephony projects; and oversees cybersecurity of all DoDEA IT and Platform Information Technology (PIT).
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Investigations and Internal Review

The Investigations and Internal Review Division provides independent and objective assessments of the organization's efficiency, and deters and detects fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misconduct associated with DoDEA resources and operations, which could adversely impact the organization's ability to perform its mission. The Division also manages all aspects of the DoDEA Civil Rights Program.
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Logistics Division

The Logistics division supports and enhances student education by providing reliable and safe student transportation, nutritional meals for students and staff, and acquiring equipment assets for both new and legacy school buildings. The Logistics Division also manages the inter-service support agreement process and provides logistical staff assistance services to schools and districts.
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Office of DoDEA Policy

The Operations, Plans, Legislation, and Policy Division administers and operates DoDEA's program in publishing and maintaining DoDEA-level policies and facilitates DoD-level issuances for the agency. Additionally, the Division oversees the Director's Issuance Focal Point Working Group that works on larger issues involving the DoDEA policy program. In addition, the Division handles Congressional inquiries on behalf of constituents, and reviews legislation, the annual National Defense Authorization Act and Defense Appropriations, and other inquiries from the legislative branch.
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Procurement Division

The Procurement Division ensures that products and services that are procured meet or exceed the customer’s requirements, are obtained at a fair and reasonable price using the best acquisition strategy, and the procurement instruments and procedures utilized are fully compliant with all federal and Department of Defense procurement laws, regulations, and policies.
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Resource Management

The Resource Management Division requests, manages, and budgets resources in the DoDEA military communities worldwide to ensure educational programs are adequately funded, so the agency can prepare all students for success in a global environment. The Division oversees financial management information, budget books, tuition rates, and other data related to manpower and enrollment.
Office of Safety and Security

Safety and Occupational Health

The Safety and Occupational Health Division consists of two branches: Policy, Oversight, and Reporting Branch, and District Safety Offices. The Policy, Oversight, and Reporting Branch serves as the principal Safety and Occupational Health advisor, accident prevention policy and program developer, performance monitor, and point of contact for all Safety and Occupational Health matters. The District Safety Offices communicate and work ongoing safety issues through the District Safety and District Chief of Staff.
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Security Management

Security Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining various security programs that promote secure work and learning environments for DoDEA students, staff, and visitors. The Division implements programmatic policies, operational procedures, and outreach with the military commands, host installation counterparts, and DoDEA customers.
Education Offices
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Comprehensive Assessment System

The Integrated Content and Assessment Division ensures broad access to accurate and timely student and school level information which is used for educational decision making. The use of this information also provides high quality technical assistance and professional development to school and department personnel. The Division is also responsible for ensuring that policies, procedures, and decisions support a high performing and accountable education system.
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DoDEA Educational Partnership

The Education Partnership and Resources Division shares resources with public school districts and fosters partnerships in an effort to directly engage, expand, and influence educational opportunities for all military-connected students. Additionally, the division, through the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP), supports and funds the education of authorized dependents in areas where there is not a DoDEA school.
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Standards and Curriculum

The Standards and Curriculum Division Branch provides leadership and support to the districts and school levels to help educators and students achieve excellence. Standards and Curriculum envisions an environment of equitable learning where all students have equal access to participate in, and benefit from, educational opportunities.
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Student Services

Student Services provides leadership, guidance, and support in the provision of services to foster a safe learning environment and remove academic, social, physical, and emotional barriers that impact student access to be college or career ready. Student Services has four branches: Counseling Branch, School Health Branch, Special Education Branch, and Section 504 Branch.
Teaching and Learning Division

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Division establishes a systemic plan for educational professional learning within DoDEA that aligns to the DoDEA Blueprint and that supports curriculum, instruction, assessments, and programs. The Division is comprised of the following three branches: Professional Development, Instructional Design Services, and the Virtual School Program.