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Enrollment, Eligibility, Registration


Required items you need to bring when registering your student.

Active Duty & GS Civilians:

  • Registration Packet (download from below)
  • Orders with Dependents names listed
  • Student Immunization Records
  • Previous School Records (Can be requested if not hand-carried)
  • Entry Approval Message, Command Sponsorship Request, or Verification of Military Employment (DoDEA Form 601) ~ if dependent is not listed on Sponsor's orders
  • Verification of Civilian Employment (DoDEA Form 602) ~ if Civilian Orders are not available

Contractors: (The documents below are required in addition to items listed above)

  • Central Billing Letter (Contractors only)
  • CAC Card, color copy (Contractors only)
  • Student Birth Certificate (Required for Contractors, Local-Hire Civilians, and SPACE A students)


DoDEA eligibility regulation, DoDEA Regulation 1342.13.

How to register your child/children:

Visit the registrar's office upon arriving in-country and pick-up a registration packet or download one from the below "Registration Packets" section and provide to the registrar's office.

Registration Packets

Please choose the packet that fits your student's situation, these forms are fillable. Once completed print and return to the school your family is zoned for.


New Incoming Student
Returning Student Same School

Returning Student (with change in Medical condition) Same School

Transferring Student

Space Available Enrollment Form (Only for space available enrollment, read more on Space Available Eligibility Requirements)




IMPORTANT: It is necessary for the sponsor or spouse to come to the school office to complete registration for students.



Admission Requirements

Parents enrolling students are required to furnish the following:

Mandatory to begin attendance:

  • Proof of sponsor's overseas status (Orders, verification of employment etc.)
  • Proof of sponsor/dependent connection (Child listed on orders, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of a new DEROS as applicable
  • Tuition paid in advance if applicable
  • Verification of minimal age requirement for Sure Start, Kindergarten and 1st grade students (PCS Orders, Birth certificate or passport)
    Note: Children entering Sure Start, Kindergarten, First Grade must be 4,5 and 6 years old respectively on/before September 1.

Also required: (The below documents ARE required but will not keep a students from starting school.)

  • Copy of previous school records, including report cards and other academic records such as reading and math records (as applicable)
  • Copy of standardized test scores if applicable
  • Copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP) if applicable

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