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Welcome to Sullivans ES!

We are very proud of our school and the achievements of our students. We have an outstanding staff, modern facilities, and tremendous community support. Our spirit of pride and excellence abounds at The Sullivans Elementary School, creating a nurturing environment and a tremendous enthusiasm for educating our students. The Sullivans students experience success in part because of unified cooperation and support between the staff, parents, and the military community all working toward a common goal - the education of your children. Only together can we construct an education for your children in which we all can take pride.


Our Services include:

  • Special education to meet the needs of students with exceptional needs
  • Assisting emerging readers with Literacy Support Specialists
  • English Language Learners will receive services from our English as a Second Language program
  • Counseling services to all children within and outside of the classroom
  • School Psychologist services, including testing if needed
  • School Nurse services
  • Gifted Education program provides enriching opportunities to students that meet programming criteria
  • Information Center supporting all the students through various forms of media
  • Special classes (music, art, physical education, and Japanese culture) provide multiple opportunities for your child to become well rounded

History of Our School Name

The Sullivans Elementary School was named after 5 brothers, Albert, Frank, Joseph, Matthew and George Sullivan, who all served in the US Navy during WWII on the light ship, The Juneau. The Juneau sank near the Solomon Islands after being struck twice by a Japanese torpedo.

All five brothers died as a result of the sinking ship, 3 on the ship and 2 in the water while waiting to be rescued. As a result of the death of all five Sullivan brothers, the U.S. War Department adopted the Sole Survivor Policy so that no other family would have to suffer the grief of losing all of their sons during war time.

The Sullivan brothers also were honored in the naming of two Navy ships.

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Sullivans ES

Grades: SS - 6

Enrollment: 1253

Our Mission

Educate, Engage and Empower military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world.

Our Vision

Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere.

Mascot: Dolphin

Motto: Building Lifelong Learners

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Sullivans ES Colors

Primary Color: #134be8

Secondary Color: #ffffff

School Improvement Goals

Goal 1: Reading Comprehension

All students will improve in Reading Comprehension.

Goal 2: Mathematics

All students will increase achievement in Mathematics.

Goal 3: 

All teachers will participate in Focused Collaboration.

CSI Leadership Meeting Schedule:

Leadership Team meets at 1500 on the third Tuesday during the school year.

Accreditations and Award:

Sullivans Elementary School is accredited by COGNIA.

Sullivans ES

School Address
PSC 473 Box 96
CFA Yokosuka
FPO, AP 96349-0096
Yokosuka, Japan
Phone: 046-816-7336
Fax: 046-816-7865
DSN Phone: 315-243-7336
DSN Fax: 315-243-7865
From US: 011-81-468-16-7336
From the US Fax: 011-81-468-16-7865