Department of Defense Education Activity

Principal Corner

Welcome to West Point Elementary School

Dear Parents & Students,

As we begin this wonderful year, there are a few elements we must highlight so that we can continue our award winning partnership.  

One of the most important principles that we have at West Point Elementary School is one that we guide the learner by modeling the behaviors we desire children to develop. All of our teachers are dedicated learners in their own right. Based on school wide data analyzed for trends, we are seeking sound, research based instructional practices to influence instruction and thus improve student learning. This continuous improvement process is evolutionary and we look forward to sharing the steps with you every step of the way. We are always seeking parent representatives and participation on our Continuous School Improvement Leadership Team (CSILT). Please let us know if you are interested.

We as adults are all partners in the endeavor of educating your children. We actively seek your help as we pursue our goals and objectives together. We also know we can sometimes learn best from our mistakes and, therefore, request your support and understanding when things have not gone as expected or a problem arises. We promise clear communication and realize the best problem solver is prompt attention to the question at hand. The teacher is, of course, your first avenue of communication, for each educator establishes a unique learning environment that best fulfills the expectations of their planned activities.

Your involvement in our school is not only welcomed, but necessary. We welcome you to become a part of us. Our Parent-Teacher- Organization (PTO) is one of the strongest, most proactive and empowering organizations you will ever have the opportunity to join. Their commitment to this school is pivotal and resoundingly related to student learning. Their dedication to our school is solid and generous. We promise continue the wonderful work together to provide the highest quality of education possible.

In Partnership,

Ms. Denise DeMarco, Principal