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Since 1946, educators have traveled to various overseas locations to provide education for the children of U. S. military families stationed there. We are that group of teachers, administrators, and support staff who taught in American schools all over the world. Our umbrella encompasses those who have retired from or are still working in the DODEA system, formerly known as DoDDS. We have worked with these families, mostly on military bases, to educate their children. We vigorously tried to bring quality education to those stationed far and wide while we adapted to all kinds of situations ourselves: climates, cultures, customs, and facilities.... tents, Quonset huts, remodeled barracks, housing basements, portables, and yes, even beautiful brand new school buildings. Our goal was to be ready when our students eagerly arrived for that first day of school. We offered a piece of home in support of our military and civilian families serving the United States of America.

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Throughout its 70+ year history, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) has undergone many changes. Each of its organizational entities, past and present, has a rich and proud history of service to military families. Every employee (past or present) and every student or alumnus is an integral part of DoDEA’s history.

While DoDEA has had many names over the years and still has different names in our guiding legislation (DoDDS, DDESS), its school system today has in fact been a unified one since 1994 under one organization, DoDEA. To many of our graduates and former employees, we’ll always be DSS, DoDDS or DDESS or one of our many other names used in the past.

It is important for us to honor the rich history and traditions of DoDEA’s past and preserve the history of past names and accomplishments. It is equally important for us to move ahead as a unified organization that comprises one world-wide school system, one team, one mission that continues to deliver a quality education to military-connected children around the globe.

The Many Places of DoDEA Video

This video is a whirlwind tour of the places DoDEA has had schools over it's long history.