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Year-At-A-Glance: Assessment Landscape for SY2020-21

DoDEA is focused on ensuring that we continue to provide options for students to participate in DoDEA-CAS assessments in SY20-21. These options have been reviewed for considerations for test design, purpose, and implementation procedures as well as guidelines and protocols for establishing and maintaining safe school environments that reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus spread. 

The Assessment Guidelines found in the DoDEA COVID-19 Operational Guidelines and Protocols for Schools provide information on DoDEA-CAS testing options for various HPCON conditions and school models (in-person, remote, and virtual). Visit the Health and Safety tab on the Return to School site for more information.

For more information on DoDEA-CAS and testing windows, please visit the Resource Tab and Testing Calendar tabs on our website.


In conjunction with the implementation of the College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS), DoDEA is implementing the Comprehensive Assessment System (CAS) that includes all of the assessments that are administered system-wide within DoDEA.These include the PSAT, Advanced Placement, NAEP, and College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) assessments. All assessments included in the DoDEA Comprehensive Assessment System support student learning, provide information for decision makers concerning instructional programs and services, and inform parents. DoDEA is committed to student achievement and assessments that raise the bar for the students to ensure they are on the path to success.

CCRS Summative Assessments

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DoDEA-CAS Vision

DoDEA implements the DoDEA Comprehensive Assessment System, a critical component of College and Career Ready Standards implementation.

DoDEA Director Discusses CAS: Parents Edition

Tom Brady, DoDEA Director discusses the DoDEA Comprehensive Assessment System and informs parents on how this will improve student success.