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2023 DoDEA Stakeholder Feedback Survey PSA

Parents: Survey Link Open 17 January - 10 February

The parents survey was open through February 10, 2023.

2023 DoDEA Stakeholder Feedback Survey (SFS)

The Department of Defense Education Activity is excited to announce that it is conducting a Stakeholder Feedback Survey.

This survey is the best opportunity we have to provide structured feedback to our leadership at DoDEA headquarters about what’s working and what needs to change.

The survey for parents will be open from 17 January through 10 February.

Separate surveys will be administered to students, teachers, and other school level staff. Parents with multiple students enrolled in a DoDEA school will have the option to complete an additional survey for each student after submitting the first survey. All participation is voluntary and anonymous.

All potential respondents will receive a personal link to complete a survey using their DoDEA Student Information System email address and will also receive email reminders while the survey is open. Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder, if you don’t see the link to the survey in your email inbox.

Participation takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

Thank you in advance for completing this survey and helping DoDEA become the best school system it can be.

Stakeholder Feedback Survey (SFS) Background

What is the SFS?

  • The SFS provides a forum for parents and students in DoD schools to have their opinions heard and communicate their level of satisfaction with issues related to DoD schools.
  • 2023 survey will be conducted from January 17 – February 10 for parents and in the following weeks for students and staff/faculty. 
  • Part of DoDEA’s continual efforts to improve quality of education for DoD military and civilian students.

Who can Participate?

  • Sponsors or spouses with children in Pre-K -12th grade. Parents with multiple students enrolled in a DoDEA school will have the option to complete an additional survey for each student after submitting the first survey.
  • Students in grades 4-12; and
  • School level educators and support staff, full and part-time, excluding substitutes.
  • The survey is voluntary and anonymous.
  • Above school level educators and staff are not included.

How does the SFS help DoDEA?

  • Results allow schools, districts and regions to make improvements in the educational services offered
  • Results assist schools in determining strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Opinions are extremely important and contribute to the future decisions DoDEA educators will make about schools
  • Information derived from surveys expected to be available Summer 2023

How is the SFS Constructed?

  • Survey questions for 2023 cover the following broad areas: academic instruction, sense of belonging, school safety, and overall satisfaction.  Questions on diversity, equity, and inclusion are asked of everyone except elementary school students.  There are questions about the quality and availability of school psychological services (parents only) and working conditions (staff only).
  • Survey questions for parents and students were taken from the California Healthy Kids Survey, the Panorama Equity, and Inclusion Survey (developed in partnership with the Reimagining Integration: Diverse & Equitable Schools Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education), and The Tripod Survey (developed by Harvard and validated by the Gates’ Foundation’s Measures of Effective Teaching Project). 
  • Questions relating to school psychological services were modified from the National Association of School Psychologist’s Membership Survey and their statement of professional standards.
  • Additional questions for school-level staff were taken from the DEOCS Survey (Created by the Office of People Analytics at the Dept. of Defense), the DEI Workforce, and Workplace Assessment (DWWA) Survey, and the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) .