Department of Defense Education Activity

Research, Accountability and Evaluations

The primary mission of the Research, Accountability, and Evaluation Division (RAE) is to provide reliable and timely information to enable DoDEA to make strategic decisions for the benefit of all students. RAE handles data requests related to the Blueprint, College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS), and division and branch goals.  The work of the Division informs:

  • policy change,
  • program change,
  • program monitoring,
  • program evaluation,
  • professional learning,
  • materials acquisition,
  • safety and security decision-making, and
  • staffing needs.


  • RAE is responsible for the coordination and review of all requests to DoDEA for research from both internal and external stakeholders.  Research Request FAQs can be found at: Our research policy, application instructions, and forms can be found at:
  • RAE conducts research on best practices of various aspects of K-12 education to inform program change and materials acquisition.
  • RAE conducts research for the system, analyzes data, and reports on student academic performance on tests such as the Benchmark Assessment System (BAS), the SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP).
  • RAE prepares annual reports for the public such as the Postsecondary Plans and Graduation Report which can be found at:


  • In coordination with the Student Information System (SIS) Team, RAE identifies data anomalies in the SIS and standardizes business rules for data entry and validation.
  • In coordination with the Teaching and Learning Division, RAE designs and analyzes surveys to assess the effectiveness of its internal professional learning.  Framing and analysis of findings is informed by the Kirkpatrick Method.
  • RAE analyzes data and determines eligibility for the Blue Ribbon Schools Program.  A listing of winners can be found at:
  • RAE develops, coordinates, and analyzes DoDEA’s biannual Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Internal stakeholders may view the results here:
  • RAE develops and posts the School Report Cards for internal stakeholders.  Internal stakeholders may access these at:


  • RAE designs Needs Assessments for internal stakeholders.  Recent examples include reports on the status of the Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math (STEM) Program, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program, and Middle School Athletics.
  • In coordination with the Standards and Curriculum Division, RAE develops tools to evaluate program implementation and effectiveness for internal stakeholders.  Recent examples include reports on the College and Career Ready Standards in Math (CCRSM) and the Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Program.