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Decision Day

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About Decision Day

DoDEA celebrates Decision Day on May 3rd as a way to highlight the post-secondary plans for this year's graduating class. As a system that educates military-connected students, we strive to recognize all students' post-secondary plans-whether they are to pursue higher education, enlist in the military, complete a vocational or trade program, or immediately seek employment.

DoDEA Decision Day 2021

Join DoDEA as we celebrate Decision Day 2021, the day when DoDEA high school seniors announce what they will be pursuing after graduation.


DoDEA Decision Day Activities


In the weeks leading up to Decision Day, DoDEA school faculty and staff members are encouraged to take photos of themselves with a print on out of the DoDEA Decision Day Door Sign and with paraphernalia, shirts, sweatshirts, hats from the post-secondary institutions they graduated from and/or their military affiliations.


On May 3rd, faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to wear their college/university, military, or career paraphernalia and take photos! High school seniors will announce their decisions, and if they want as a school, participate in the #DoDEADecisionDay Challenge. 


This video challenge is throughout the month of May and into June, where students will take a video of themselves, first holding a picture of themselves in a previous grade (the younger, the better) and then dropping the image and show off their decision day best. Decision Day best is either the students' college of choice hoodie/t-shirt, branch of military uniform/sign, or their career of choice. 

Another option is for students to submit a video. The video starts in your DoDEA school clothes, grabbing a book that is tossed to you.  Once you show off your everyday DoDEA look, you're supposed to take the book and cover your phone camera with it; this is the end of the first part of your video. Then, while off-camera, you get dressed up in your college of choice hoodie/t-shirt, or the branch of military uniform/sign, or the career of choice. Once you finish getting ready, you restart recording. To give your video the impression that you got ready within a few seconds, start recording with the book you used covering the camera in the same fashion you ended the previous video. Then, pull the book away from the screen to reveal your transformation. Once you show off your incredible transformation, toss the book off-screen to give it the illusion that you're passing it to the next person in the video.

Students can submit the videos to the school counselors. Throughout the month of May and June, video clips will be added to the DoDEA webpage, with the help of the communications department to make it look like magic!

Throughout the Month of May and June, staff and students are encouraged to share pictures and video snippets of the day's activities via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram #DoDEADecisionDay


Using Choices360 for College and Career Exploration

Choices 360 logoDoDEA is excited to offer Choices360 to our students and other stakeholders as a systemic enhancement for the college and career readiness. It serves as a one-stop electronic shop for DoDEA's students, alleviating the need for them to use multiple third-party planning resources. It will assist students in exploring and planning their post-secondary journeys with the most up-to-date information available while aiding school counselors with organizing and conducting their college and career counseling sessions more efficiently. Importantly, Choices360 is where students will complete, store, and update their 4-6 Year Plan. Choices360 offers a host of easy-to-use, interactive tools that will make college and career exploration a fun, yet informative process.

To help prepare for Decision Day, you can use Choices360 for middle school to explore career interests and research the path to getting there! In high school you can use it to plan courses, research careers, colleges, and post-secondary funding opportunities.