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Decision Day

It is not simply a dream; I have a plan.

About Decision Day

Decision Day is derived from National College Decision Day. Traditionally, May 1st has been designated as Decision Day because students commit to their selected post-secondary institutions by signing their Letters of Intent. Over the past 10 years, secondary schools started to commemorate the day to encourage seniors to finalize their post-secondary plans. The day also serves to raise community awareness of college and career readiness efforts for all grade levels.

DoDEA Decision Day Activities

DoDEA is celebrating Decision Day as a way to highlight the post-secondary plans for for this year's graduating class. As a system that educates military-connected students, we strive to recognize all students' post-secondary plams-whether they be to pursue higher education, enlist in the military, complete a vocational or trade program, or immediately seek employment.

In the weeks leading up to Decision Day, DoDEA school faculty and staff members are encouraged to decorate their doors with pennants, signs, or other items showcasing the post-secondary institutions they graduated from and/or their military affiliations.

On May 1st, faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to wear their college/university, military, or career paraphernalia and take photos! High school seniors will announce their decisions and grades K-11 will explore college and career options using interactive tools and other classroom activities that support our focus on College and Career Readiness as aligned with our Blueprint for Continuous Improvement.

Schools and students are encouraged to share pictures and video snippets of the day's activities via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram #dodeadecisionday.

Decision Day PSA

DoDEA Decision Day 2018

Join DoDEA as we celebrate Decision Day, the day when all DoDEA high school seniors announce what they’ll be pursuing after graduation.

Decision Day Resources for High School Seniors

Big Future – College Planning Resources
Access a wide range of valuable college planning resources for educators.
College Admission – Visiting Schools
Advice and insight on when to visit schools, and what students should do when you're there!
Delaware Goes to College
More great ideas for how your school can celebrate Decision Day.
For High School Counselors Blog
Cindy Morton, Professional School Counselor, shares a few exemplary College Decision Day programs.
Missouri Department of Higher Education Resources
Contains resources designed to aid school coordinators with the process of planning and implementing a Decision Day event.


Decision Day Resources for K-11 College and Career Exploration


Visit these sites for ideas on how to get students to start thinking about college and planning for their future.

College Foundation of North Carolina – Career & Interest Inventories video guides students through self-assessments to help them discover their career and interest.
College Foundation of North Carolina – Career Explorer for Elementary Students job exploration for elementary school students
College Foundation of North Carolina – Career Explorer Tools interactive career assessment tools for elementary students through adults.
College Foundation of North Carolina – Majors and Programs tool that helps students learn more about careers and college majors and programs
College Foundation of North Carolina – Planning for College
The following videos help students understand the value of college and what college is like. (1) Brighter future? College works. (2) What is it like to be in college?
Department of Defense Education Activity (Pacific)
DoDEA site provides links to explore college/university route, US military, civil service, and vocational/technical pathways.
Elementary Students Encouraged to Set College Goals
By Caralee J. Adams – Education Week Interesting article about the value of helping children think about college early.
Mr. Breitsprecher’s Career Exploration Site
Perhaps the first thing to look at when we think about careers are the different ways we share our special talents with others.
West Virginia College Application and Exploration Week
Visit these sites for ideas on how to get students to start thinking about college and what planning for their future.

For Graduating Seniors

2018 Door Sign

For 9-11 Students


Decision Day Poster for Seniors

For 6-8 Students


Decision Day Poster for Grades 8-11

For K-5 Students


Decision Day Poster for K7

Class of 2017 Post-secondary Decisions

The following chart is based on decisions made by approximately 95% of graduating seniors who reported their postsecondary plans. This data is from the DoDEA Activity Applied Research Report: Seniors' Postsecondary Plans & Scholarships SY 2016-2017.

Class of 2017 Postsecondary decision

Click above image to enlarge.