Comprehensive Assessment System Contacts

Promoting College and Career Readiness through Data-Informed Instruction

The Education Assessment Division is responsible for managing the DoDEA Comprehensive Assessment System (DoDEA-CAS) and the Accreditation and School Improvement Programs. It serves as the primary liaison between HQ divisions, regional offices, districts, and schools as it relates to the implementation of all system-wide assessments, as well as accreditation and school improvement programs.

Assessment Branch

  • Develops and implements all assessments that are administered system-wide within DoDEA to support student learning, provide information for decision makers concerning instructional programs and services
  • Communicates testing procedures and protocols and provides training to districts and schools to facilitate the administration of all system-wide assessments
  • Aligns policies to support DoDEA-CAS and communicates the full range of comprehensive assessments, their purpose, and their results to stakeholders
  • Supports the development and implementation of an integrated data system that reports valid, reliable, and timely student performance data to stakeholders (i.e., parents, teachers, school leaders, and above-school leaders) to inform their instructional decisions

Accreditation and School Improvement Branch

  • Supports the system accreditation process and provides training to districts and schools for promote the integration of continuous improvement processes into the daily work of districts and schools
  • Supports DoDEA districts and schools in designing high-quality district and school continuous improvement plans and reviews research on effective school practices
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Contact Information

Dr. Raquel Rimpola
Chief of Assessment
Phone: 571-372-7980

Dr. Blessing Mupanduki
Assessment Specialist
Phone: 571-372-7983

Ms. Valen Cayetano
Assessment Specialist
Phone: 571-372-1877

4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400

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