Though born in North Carolina, I grew up in Peru and India. The world was my classroom in a unique way. I became acutely aware of the wonders each culture has to share pieces of a puzzle that make up our world. I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers at home and in school.

In high school I volunteered my time to work with the young people at Mother Teresa's Home for Unwanted Children in Old Delhi, India. The children were sponges for affection and knowledge. Watching self-confidence grow as skills were developed was so exciting. The pathway to a career in education was a natural one. I have taught eighteen years. I assisted in special education programs and taught first grade, second grade, gifted education and technology.

I am always setting new goals and exploring new avenues. Not a day goes by when I do not grow by combining my past experience with what I am learning in my present position as an educational technologist. I take every opportunity to share my enthusiasm for learning with my students.

"As facilitators, teachers need to remember that schools are an important component of society, not a separate entity. Everyone has a stake in education. By soliciting the interest and involvement of parents and the community, our schools can provide a much more solid education for our young people."

Mary Ann Hardee
Mary Ann Harde
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