Wilhelmina is a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) at Illesheim Elementary School. She holds a Master of Education in Supervision and Instruction from Trenton State College. The sense of wonderment a child expresses about the world and his/her place in it attracted her to the teaching profession. Wilhelmina believes a good teacher never works in isolation. "Teachers, administrators, specialists, parents, and students must all feel they are integral parts of a team whose goal is student success and achievement." Wilhelmina was instrumental in establishing Student Assistance Teams as well as establishing a big buddy system for at-risk students at her school. A colleague remarks, "Ms. Pearson is always accessible. She has been mentor, colleague, friend, and quintessential teacher. She is, in short, the embodiment of the finest qualities of an educator!"

Wilhelmina Elizabeth Pearson
Media Specialist Teacher
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