Alberta Clemmer currently teaches English and Humanities at A.T. Mahan High School, in Keflavik, Iceland. She received her B.A. in English and Humanities from the University of Northern Colorado, and is working toward an M.S. Ph. D. at Portland State University, West Coast University Institute of Global Education. Alberta says, "Teaching is a balancing act, and the paradox is that while it is theater, it must also be complete authenticity. I believe that everyone has something to teach, and that the teacher must be willing to step aside so that the students can find their voice and own the learning process." Her principal believes Alberta's philosophy, as communicated in her course syllabi, says it best. "The classroom should be a climate of challenge, reciprocity of respect and tolerance of differences; it should be a safe place where students can question, share and be individuals."

2006 winner, Alberta Clemmer
Alberta Clemmer
English and Humanities Teacher
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