Athanasia Lionikis teaches Family and Consumer Science, Social Studies, Health, and Reading at Kaiserslautern American Middle School in Kaiserslautern, Germany. She received her B.S. in Home Economics from Western Michigan University, and Master of Science in Home Economics from the University of Southern Mississippi. Athanasia believes, "For learning to be meaningful, it must also be connected to daily living or with something with which the child is familiar. Our art is to match our teaching style and approach to the individual nature and needs of all our students." A colleague states, "Athy, an advocate of Middle Level Education, was an instructor for the DoDDS sponsored Middle School Academy. Her commitment to middle school education continues, as she is an active participant in both the European League of Middle Level Educators and the National Middle School Association, where she is recognized for her leadership, enthusiasm and expertise."

2006 winner, Athanasia Lionikis
Athanasia Lionikis Family and Consumer Science Teacher
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