Patricia Salerno teaches fourth grade in the Italian Language Immersion Program at Vicenza Elementary School, Vicenza, Italy. She received her B.S in Elementary Education from Ohio State University, and her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona. Patricia says, "My personal philosophy is ever-changing as I read and observe the methods of other educators and receive feedback from students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. My teaching style is a result of my personality, experiences, sense of responsibility, and possibly a sixth sense that tells me which method will work for a particular student. I have high expectations for all students while they are in my care and after they leave me." Her principal says of her, "All students know the expectations; yet feel a sense of ownership. Students are challenged to stretch their thinking, rather than simply recall information. She uses a theme approach to include all of the curricular areas and extend skills in all areas."

Patricia J. Salerno Italian Language Immersion Program Teacher
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