Barbara J. Lee teaches Mathematics and Computer Science at Lakenheath American High School in the United Kingdom. She holds a BS in Education and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Emporia State University, Kansas and a Master of Education in Special Education from University of Maryland. She earned her Doctorate in Educational Administration at Capella University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Barbara states, "It is important that our schools prepare all students to identify, analyze, and resolve problems as they arise; to increase their ability to respond and cope in a flexible manner with change; to develop character, which serves as the firm basis for sound judgment and considered decision making; and to enter the community as informed and educated citizens who are capable of living and working as independent and productive adults."

A colleague says, "Barbara embodies the best characteristics of an educator. She can teach a wide range of subjects and is devoted to sharing her knowledge with any and all levels of our student body and faculty." A parent states, "She has a positive, never fail attitude that is contagious with the children." An administrator says, "Her greatest strength is in the way she teaches leadership and responsibility."

2007 winner, Barbara J. Lee
Barbara J. Lee Math and Computer Science Teacher
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