Dr. Kitara D. M. Jordan has 18 years of teaching experience. Jordan joined DoDEA five years ago teaching kindergarten at Jack N. Darby Elementary School at Sasebo Naval Base in Sasebo, Japan. She lives in the Sasebo community with her husband, Paul and their son Joshua. Prior to coming to DoDEA, Jordan taught kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade, reading and math EIP (Early Intervention Program) at C. H. Gullatt Elementary School in Union City, Georgia. She was also the Primary Curriculum Support Teacher for Conley Hills Elementary School in East Point, Ga. Both schools are a part of the Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, Ga.

Upon graduating from A. E. Beach High School in Savannah, Ga., Jordan attended college at Fort Valley State College where she received two bachelor degrees (Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management and Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education). She earned a degree in Master of Science in Elementary Education from Troy State University and received her Doctoral Degree in Child and Youth Studies from Nova Southeastern University. Jordan believes in the power of global communal educational environments. Jordan was honored as well as overwhelmed when told that she won this award. "I am living proof that a strong communal educational support system can truly change a child's life when we take a vested interest in our students," Jordan said.


Dr. Kitara D. M. Jordan Kindergarten Teacher
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