Evetta Johnson is a 3rd grade teacher at Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Elementary School at Fort Jackson, S. Carolina. Johnson has been teaching for twenty years, fourteen years with the Department of Defense Education Activity and the remaining years in South Carolina public schools. She has completed post graduate work from several universities; University of South Carolina, University of San Diego, University of Maryland, and Converse College.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina in 1992. In 1997, she completed a Masters of Science degree in Special Education-Learning Disability, from the University of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina.

Her strong belief that all children can learn influenced her decision in pursing certification in Special Education-Learning Disability. Johnson believes that the same strategies utilized in a self-contained special needs classroom are some of the same effective strategies that can be used to teach struggling, at risk students in a regular education environment. She believes the least restrictive environment will empower the students to set high expectations for themselves and enhance their self-confidence. Her challenge is designing learning experiences that will complement students' strengths.

In addition to being a 1996 Milken National Educator award recipient, Johnson was recently honored as the 2012-2013 South Carolina/Fort Stewart/DoDDS-Cuba District Teacher of the Year, for her contributions in education.

Johnson is married to Karl, retired Air Force and they have two adult children. She also is the grandmother of two wonderful granddaughters. Outside of her professional interests, she loves spending time with family, cooking, reading, and shopping. The Johnsons reside in Sumter, South Carolina with her youngest sibling Thomas.

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Evetta Johnson 3rd Grade Teacher
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