Allyson Snowden is a Special Education teacher at Kadena Middle School where she has taught for the past five years.

Snowden holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from the University of Maryland and Master of Arts in Teaching Educational Technology from National University La Jolla, California.

Building a bond with her students is an aspect of Snowden's teaching philosophy and classroom management repertoire that she works hard at accomplishing and maintaining. She shows the students that she cares and is interested in them as individuals, not just as her students. Students come first and, although very important, the standards, materials and strategies come second.

"Ms. Allyson Snowden is a multi-talented teacher and leader at Kadena MS," said Okinawa District Superintendent Mike Thompson. "She puts students and student learning first. As a military child herself, she knows the military family and can tailor her teaching to meet the needs of the students she teaches. As a staff leader, she steps forward and takes on many of the tasks that truly have to come together to make the school a community."

Kadena MS Principal Kristopher Kwiatek added, "Mrs. Snowden is well-deserving of this recognition. Dedicated, committed, and passionate about students is what comes to mind when I think about Mrs. Snowden. She brings life and energy to DoDEA and is an outstanding educator."

Allyson Snowden
Allyson Snowden English and Social Studies Teacher
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