Benjamin Kolodziej is the Gifted Education teacher at John O. Arnn Elementary School in Zama, Japan. He has been teaching for 11 years, five of them within DoDEA. Before his arrival in Japan, he was the GE teacher at Kingsolver Elementary in Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

Mr. Kolodziej graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a Master's degree in Elementary Education, and was later certified in Gifted Education. He is originally from Ewing, New Jersey.

At Arnn Elementary, Mr. Kolodziej challenges all students to use critical and creative thinking skills more readily in their learning. He has forged numerous school partnerships with PTO, Camp Zama military units, and the Japanese Space Exploration Agency. He is also a proud husband and father of three.

DoDEA's official photo of Mr. Ben Kolodziej.
Ben Kolodziej Gifted Education/K-6 Teacher
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