14 years ago Ms. Crow embarked upon a profession where she learned firsthand, the value of collaboration with mentor teachers, the importance of joining PD enrichment, and how taking on leadership roles within the school strengthens one’s ability to perform in their own classroom.

Her initial experiences fundamentally shaped her as an educator as the emphasis placed on developmentally appropriate practices, such as small group instruction, guided reading, and writer’s workshop are the best practices she continues to refine daily.

Ms. Crow values her experiences in working as the current teacher leader for literacy at Lakenheath Elementary. Recently, as the team lead, she led the 2nd grade during the DoDEA implementation of CCRS Math and Science. She understands school-wide issues and has worked to create and co-lead the implementation of PBIS across a school of 600+ students. She works seamlessly between administration and teaching staff; constantly considering multiple points of view and ensuring student achievement and well-being are at the focus of decisions. She has fostered mentorship opportunities that have included mentoring beginning teachers, hosting practicum & clinical student teachers, as well as, hosting a Model Classroom for beginning and seasoned teacher peer-observations.

As a former DoDEA student she always dreamed of returning to DoDEA as a teacher. She continues to be a life-long learner, earning her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2017. Ms. Crow dreams of someday teaching at the University level in hopes she can continue to positively impact students through her own passion for learning.

2020 TOY Patricia Crow
Patricia Crow Literature Teacher
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