Brewster Middle School Hosts Ultimate Wax Museum

By Michael O’Day, Americas PAO
Apr 04, 2024
Brewster Middle School Hosts Ultimate Wax Museum

In an extraordinary display of creativity and education, Brewster Middle School transformed its corridors into a bustling Wax Museum. Spearheaded by Vanessa Coleman (AAPS-RT) and media specialist Lacey Boggs Elliott, this event was not just another school day. It was a journey through history, an exploration of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), and a celebration of the achievements of notable figures from various backgrounds, including inventors and global icons like Muhammad Ali, Neil Armstrong, and Betty White.

Coleman's vision was brought to life with rigorous tasks that melded STEAM and differentiated learning stations, pushing students to excel in speaking, listening, data-based research, and writing skills. The museum was also tied to this year’s Reading Across America further enriching students’ learning experiences.

As visitors wandered through the museum with passports in hand, they were greeted by students transformed into historical figures, offering insights into the past and present. The day was filled with activities, including a Jeopardy game hosted by eighth grader Alex Trebek, scavenger hunts, and student-made games. Tri-fold boards, posters, and the construction of historical inventions showcased the students' deep dive into history, significantly enhancing their comprehension and reading skills.

Victoria Shuler, a 6th-grade student, expressed her enthusiasm, "I love learning about people from the past. The activities helped me understand how people of all races became famous. Some facts I already knew but I was very intrigued to learn new things.”

Echoing the sentiment, Seneska Brent, an 8th-grade Social Studies teacher, described the event as "Fantabulous! This event made my heart sing and to see the students shine with their attire, presentations, and engagement was very memorable. I know the parents and students will treasure this event for many years to come.”

Dr. Angelo Holcombe, another 8th-grade teacher, praised the seamless organization and the palpable excitement among students, "WOW!!! Such an AMAZING EVENT!! Everything moved seamlessly, the kids were so excited and did a wonderful job with their visuals, costumes, and presentations. You could see the pride on their faces and on the faces of our visitors. Vanessa, the “push” buttons were GENIUS!!”

The event not only celebrated historical figures and inventors but also showcased the students' engagement, motivation, and perseverance. With the support of staff, the Camp Lejeune Fire Department, and the PTA, the school community was united in its appreciation of this innovative learning experience. As this annual event continues, it hopes to inspire ALL students to follow in the footsteps of inspirational figures in our global community, striving to become successful citizens one step at a time.

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