Celebrating Young Talent

Parker Elementary Artists Triumph at Wiregrass Museum

Story by Michael O'Day
Mar 14, 2024
Celebrating Young Talent Parker Elementary Artists

At a time when art education is increasingly recognized for its role in developing critical thinking and creativity, five students from Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Parker Elementary on Fort Novosel have made an indelible mark at the Wiregrass Museum of Art's Youth Art Month Exhibition. Their artworks, chosen from a pool of 876 submissions from five Alabama counties, showcased their exceptional talent and highlighted the nurturing environment provided by the DoDEA schools in fostering the creative spirits of young minds.

The crowning moment came during a special reception on March 5th at the museum, where the students were honored amidst a gathering of peers, family members, educators, and art enthusiasts. Among these young talents, a second grader named Alice received the Wiregrass Museum of Art award for her piece titled "Fluffy," created with oil pastel and watercolor. This recognition is a testament to her creativity and the supportive environment that allowed her talent to flourish.

Alice's artwork will be displayed at the museum for an entire year, from March 2024 through March 2025, offering her a unique platform to inspire others with her art. In addition to the exhibition, Alice received a $50 check and will be recognized at a Dothan City Commission meeting in early March 2024, further highlighting the community's support for young artists.

Celebrating Young Talent Parker Elementary Artists

Additional Parker Elementary students' works displayed at the museum showcased various mediums and expressions. Alexandria's "The Pink Pumpkin," Hudson's "Lone Warhawk," Julissa's "Respect," and Lucy's "Cat Walk Way" each brought a unique perspective to the exhibition, demonstrating the wide range of talent nurtured within the DoDEA school system.

This year's Youth Art Month Exhibition was incredibly competitive, with an overwhelming number of submissions that impressed both in quantity and quality. The success of Parker Elementary's students is a proud moment for the school and the broader community, underscoring the importance of encouraging artistic exploration among young learners.

The achievements of these young artists underscore the crucial role that art plays in education, offering students a platform for expression and a means to develop a range of essential skills. As we celebrate their success, we are reminded of the importance of continued support for the arts in our schools. Through creativity, we empower our youth to see the world in new ways and share their visions with others.

Parker Elementary's representation in the Youth Art Month Exhibition clearly indicates the potential within every student to create something beautiful and meaningful. It's a call to action to support and nurture the creative talents of all young people, helping them realize their full potential and make their mark on the world. Go Patriots!


Name Place Title Medium
Alexandria  1st The Pink Pumpkin Sharpie, Tempera, Paint, & Construction Paper
Alice  2nd Fluffy Oil Pastel and Watercolor
Hudson  6th Lone Warhawk Graphite
Julissa  4th Respect Oil Pastel
Lucy  5th Cat Walk Way Mixed Media


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