Joseph Osmack serves as the administrative officer of three schools at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina — Heroes Elementary School, Johnson Primary School and Bitz Intermediate School. Osmack supervises the school supply assistant, school registrar, school secretary, and school office automation clerk at all three schools. Osmack has kept the schools functioning at exceptionally high levels as they all experienced significant transitions and vacancies in key positions.

During January and February 2022, while awaiting the start date for the new principal at Johnson Primary School, Osmack kept the front office running and ensured that the school's needs were maintained in an excellent manner until the new principal arrived. In many ways, Osmack provided interim leadership while working many extra hours serving Johnson Primary School.

Osmack is also the safety and security officer for the three schools and the liaison between the schools and the custodial supervisor. He has ensured compliance with all safety and security regulations and exceeded expectations by leading the development of a comprehensive Camp Lejeune reunification plan. He also works collaboratively with the school-level lead custodians. This has been even more critical as they worked through the challenges of the pandemic.

Finally, Osmack handles facilities and maintenance requests at all three schools and serves as a liaison between the schools and the Camp Lejeune facilities and maintenance supervisor.

During quarter 1 of 2022, Osmack went above and beyond at all three schools!

Joseph Osmack
Joseph Osmack Administrative Officer
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