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Date: June 1, 2023

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Ramey Unit School Announces a Partnership in Education with the U. S. Coast Guard

DoDEA Story by Kenneth Lewis

U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Josh Abler discusses capabilities of the MH-60T Jayhawk with eighth grader Yamil Martinez during a recent career day event at Ramey Unit School. Abler is assigned to Base Detachment Borinquen, which recently entered into an official Partnership in Education with Ramey Unit School designed to expand educational opportunities for children and strengthen the relationship between the school and its host installation.

Ramey Unit School and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) at Base Detachment Borinquen in Puerto Rico recently entered an official Partnership in Education (PIE), expanding educational opportunities for children and strengthening the relationship between the school and its host installation.

"By opening our school to the experience and knowledge of our Coast Guard partners, we are capitalizing on a great resource for our school and students," said Ramey Unit School Principal Eric Werner.

According to the agreement, USCG Borinquen intends to provide tutorial assistance, guest speakers, mentors, and invite students to tour USCG facilities and units to shadow USCG members performing USCG jobs. "We have already had the very popular, 'Touch-A-Truck' activity where our students are (shown) various equipment used by our installation and tenant commands," said Werner. "We are looking to expand further next school year to open up tutoring and career information activities."

USCG Borinquen is only one of the 15 tenant organizations near Ramey Unit School. Werner hopes this agreement will encourage those organizations to establish PIEs with Ramey as well. "This really is the first step to creating other connections … it is an exciting first step in making Ramey holistically inclusive," said Werner.

According to Lt. Cmdr. Jarrett Parker, supervisor of Base Detachment Borinquen, the agreement represents a broader promise to invest in America's youth and reflects the best traditions of the USCG. "Our commitment in this partnership demonstrates a willingness to work together to achieve our mutual goals of elevating the quality of education and life for Ramey School students," said Parker. "This partnership will also increase students' awareness of the USCG, its missions, its people, and the opportunities it provides for all young people."

Werner hopes this agreement and future collaborations with installation partners will help the school reach its ultimate objective. "Our continuous school improvement efforts have always had the Blue-Ribbon School recognition as the goal," he said. "This opens up a myriad of possibilities and will assist us in opening up other possible (agreements) that can benefit our entire stakeholder population."

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