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When it comes to recess, play it safe

2012_playGroundEach year as school begins, parents and students prepare for learning, achieving, and growing – academically, socially and emotionally.

Learning isn’t confined to the classroom.  Social and emotional skills are sharpened and developed on the playground every day.  That’s why it’s important for parents and students to make playground safety awareness a priority. 

Over the years, school playgrounds have advanced and changed, and DoDEA school playgrounds are no exception.  While school playgrounds have improved and advanced, accidents and injuries still can happen.  Even one accident is one too many.  You can help us keep our playgrounds safe and enjoyable for all students. 

Make playground safety a routine part of the homework you do with your child.  Review these important safety tips at home when you can: 

  • Avoid pushing and roughhousing when using the climbing equipment, swings, and other playground items
  • Wait your turn while using playground equipment
  • Wet playground equipment may become slippery and dangerous
  • Do not wear loose items such as necklaces, cords, or purses as these could get caught on the equipment
  • Make sure children are wearing safe footwear, not flip-flops or open toed shoes

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Have a happy, rewarding, productive and fun school year!