Department of Defense Education Activity

We are looking forward to an exceptional year. This year you will see both familiar and new faces within student and staff populations. Please ensure that you welcome everyone and show them how wonderful our school is. This will be my second year in Bahrain and I am eager to continue the work we’ve started with our military-connected and international students and their families. 

We will continue to have high expectations for learning, behavior, and overall success. We will use our student performance data to ensure that our school goals are being met and any necessary changes will be made in order to bring about an even stronger focus on improving student achievement. You will be hearing more about these important areas of learning as the school year progresses.

Students, our philosophy regarding behavior centers on three simple words. We believe that if we all work toward being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe, the school day runs smoothly. Remember that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. The way you present yourself to others tells who you are and what you value. Let's work hard to be respectful towards one another and ourselves. Be responsible by abiding by the rules of the school, turning your work in on time, and keeping your promises. Be safe by looking out for each other and speaking up when you see someone being treated inappropriately. By being respectful, responsible, and safe, success will come naturally and our school will be a positive and productive place for learning!