Department of Defense Education Activity

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to another year in the proud tradition of Brussels Elementary High School. We are hopeful that your student(s) will have a successful year as they progress through their educational development. As you know, the journey to success has many twists and turns, challenges, and obstacles. Your student's success in school depends on many factors, to include focusing on academics, working with teachers and peers, accepting accountability, and attitude. We are hopeful that all of our students will feel proud of meeting and exceeding their personal goals throughout the year.

As parents, please work closely with the school as we have an important goal that we share. It is our goal to guide your student's educational development, enabling them to be responsible citizens who are ready for success in the 21st Century. In tandem, we strive to prepare your student for the many transitions they will encounter both academically and physically. You can support these goals by ensuring your student has breakfast each morning, an appropriate area to study, school supplies, organizational materials, and a consistent bed time. We also encourage you to be actively involved in our school community and invite you to join Brussels Elementary High School's PTO, SAC, SILT, Boosters, or volunteer in our school. Young students often need help with organization and tracking their assignments. Please check their backpacks, notebooks, and your email for assignments, teacher correspondence, and school distributed notifications. Last, please don't hesitate to find a workable solution with your student's teacher if you notice your student is struggling in class.


Mrs. Collette Tate