Department of Defense Education Activity

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Students

Brussels American School holds a long and proud tradition of excellence in academics, activities, athletics, and community outreach. We know that our students find success and discover interests as they progress through their educational development. As you know, the journey to success has many twists and turns, challenges, and obstacles. Brussels American School students achieve success by maintaining a clear academic focus, collaborating with teachers and peers, and exercising personal determination. At Brussels American School, our students enjoy meeting their personal goals and exceeding academic benchmarks.

Brussels American School (BAS) was constructed to support the American military and NATO Headquarters when they moved from Paris at the end of 1966. Today, the Brussels American School Community is preparing for our School Year 2021 transition into our new, 21st century school. The new school complex will be situated within the current Sterrebeek Annex and will continue to educate our unique clientele. We have a combined population of 300 students, elementary, middle, and high, who are primarily from military and diplomatic families serving the American Tri-mission in the Brussels area. While the majority of our students are American, we proudly embrace representation from more than 25 nations.

Our new school facility will serve our students as ‘the third teacher’ in 21st century teaching and learning, and provide our Brussels community a modern hub, connecting the crossroads of activities and events. Along with our newly opened athletic complex, we anticipate having a school and community center that matches the momentum and excellence we see and feel every day. We encourage you to be actively involved in our school community and invite you to join PTSO, Boosters, BASAC, or volunteer in our school. We welcome you and your family to Brigand Nation and invite you to discover what it is to be a Brussels Brigand!


Mrs. Collette Tate