Department of Defense Education Activity

Dear Brussels Students and Parents,

Welcome to another year in the proud tradition of Brussels Elementary High School. The BAS Team is hopeful that you will have a successful year as you progress through you educational development. As you know, the journey to success has many twists and turns, challenges, and obstacles. Student success in school depends on many factors, to include focusing on academics, working with teachers and peers, accepting accountability, and attitude. We are hopeful that you will feel the pride of meeting and exceeding your personal goals throughout the year.

Students and parents, please work closely with your teachers as we have an important goal that we share. It is our goal to guide your educational development, enabling you to be responsible citizens who are ready for success in the 21st Century. In tandem, we strive to prepare you for the many transitions you will encounter both academically and physically. I also encourage you to be actively involved in our school community and invite you to join Brussel American School’s PTSO, BASAC, Boosters, and student activities. Students often need help with organization and tracking schoolwork. Our AVID class and homework club is here to support you. Please communicate with us early and often regarding support needed.

This handbook should provide a comprehensive overview of our daily procedures, routines, expectations, and program offerings for students at Brussels American Elementary High School. The handbook is under continued revision for the 22-23 school year with input from Brussels students, parents, teachers, and administration. The handbook will be updated as new policies, procedures, and regulations are implemented throughout DoDEA schools. The handbook should be clear and consistent with DoDEA policy, organizational expectations, and sound school practices. Additionally, it reflects the unique nature of Brussels American School and our community.

Welcome to Brussels!


Mrs. Collette Tate