Department of Defense Education Activity

Social Studies: Resources

Instructional Resources Grades K-12

The list below represents the primary instructional resources provided by DoDEA for social studies instruction. Teachers are expected to use these as primary instructional resources and can supplement with additional open educational resources as appropriate by the College and Career Ready Standards for History/Social Studies.

Kindergarten – TCI Social Studies Alive! Me and My World

Grade 1 – TCI Social Studies Alive! My School and Family

Grade 2 – TCI Social Studies Alive! My Community

Grade 3 – TCI Social Studies Alive! Our Community and Beyond

Grade 4 – TCI Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country (DoDEA Edition) and the DoDEA-created program - This is DoDEA! The Geography and History of DoDEA

Grade 5 – TCI History Alive! The Western Hemisphere (DoDEA Edition)

6th Grade History of the Eastern World – HMH The Eastern World

7th Grade United States History I – SAVVAS United States History

8th Grade United States History II – SAVVAS United States History

Global Studies Ancient to 1750 CE – McGraw Hill World History and Geography

Global Studies 1750 CE to Present – McGraw Hill World History and Geography

United States History 11 – McGraw Hill U.S. History and Geography

United States Government 12 – McGraw Hill United States Government: Our Democracy

Note: AP and Elective Courses offered in Grades 9-12 also include procured instructional resources.