• We will conduct the PRE DEC Wednesday, 13 April, 0700, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
  • A Microsoft Teams invite will be sent NLT 5 March 2022.
  • Proposed Topics should be sent to Darryl Dean at  NLT 11 April 2022.
    • Topics should be endorsed by the DEC Representative (GO/Flag Officer)Topics should relate to overall DEC Membership concerns and not a specific local issue, normally addressed by a school advisory board.
    • If you are unable to submit a DEC topic by 11 April 2022, submit it as soon as you can.
      • If the DoDEA HQs Chief of Staff approves the subject – and – if the staff has enough time to build the presentation and rehearse it, there is a likely chance it will be presented at the DEC.
      • Topics that do not arrive in time may be addressed by an information paper or comment during the DEC.
    • Click here for the Topics Template


  • The next DEC is 9 June, 0700, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.   
  • As with the last meeting, the session is 100% virtual and will be conducted over Microsoft Teams. 
  • The DoDEA Director, Mr. Thomas Brady will send each representative an official invite NLT 4 March.
  • We anticipate attendance by the host, the Honorable Mr. Gilbert Cisneros, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.
  • The DEC Agenda and presentations will be posted to the DEC Website NLT 30 May 2022.


  1. The Pre-DEC is an information gathering forum
    • Proposed topics no longer need a GO or Flag endorsement (however, the weight of such an endorsement is a significant factor) -Topic criteria is generally the same:
    • The regional school advisory group should have had an opportunity to address any proposed issue.
    • The topic should not be narrowly focused on something specific and only pertaining to a distinct local issue. 
    • Topics are not limited to issues but may include requests for information or updates
  2. During the Pre-DEC we will ensure we understand the topic submitted and, if unclear, your rationale for submission The topics - all of them - will be submitted to the DoDEA HQ leadership to determine the disposition of the submitted topics:
    • In person brief at the DEC
    • Information Paper
    • Addressed during the DEC by the Director or respective SME


We will  send calendar invites for you to save the dates, and reminders as we get closer to the DEC, but please send corrections/updates to the Membership as soon as they occur.