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DEC Meetings


The DEC:

  • The next DEC is 21 June (Thursday), 1000 to 1230 (Eastern Standard Time) at 4800 Mark Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22350
  • The Window for RSVP's, parking requests etc., is 15 May to 10 June (we'll send a reminder and template)



  • The PRE DEC is 10 May (Thursday) 0630 to 0730 (Eastern Standard Time)
  • The PRE DEC Conference Call number and code will be forwarded in a calendar invite NLT 25 April
  • Proposed DEC Topics should be submitted NLT 1 May to (A template will accompany the Calendar Invite)



  • To enhance the relevancy and impact of the DEC, there a few nuances we are adding to the PRE DEC:
  • The PRE DEC is changed from a decision making forum to an information gathering forum
    • Proposed topics no longer need a GO or Flag endorsement (however, the weight of such an endorsement is a significant factor) -Topic criteria is generally the same:
    • The regional school advisory group should have had an opportunity to address any proposed issue.
    • The topic should not be narrowly focused on something specific and only pertaining to a distinct local issue. 
    • Topics are not limited to issues but may include requests for information or updates


  • During the PRE DEC we will ensure we understand the topic submitted and, if unclear, your rationale for submission The topics - all of them - will be submitted to the DoDEA HQ leadership to determine the disposition of the submitted topics:
    • In person brief at the DEC
    • Information Paper
    • Addressed during the DEC by the Director or respective SME
  • Time constraints, appropriateness for the DEC, and best suited format are some of the factors used to determine the final slate of topics.
  • The DEC Agenda will then be forwarded NLT  1 June Briefs will be posted to the DEC Website ( NLT 10 June

We will  send calendar invites for you to save the dates, and reminders as we get closer to the DEC, but please send corrections/updates to the Membership as soon as they occur.

Finally, the December 2017 DEC Summary is in final draft