Pre-Dependents Education Council (DEC):

The Pre-DEC will be conducted Thursday, April 13, 2023, 0700, Eastern Standard Time

Hosted by the DoDEA Chief of Staff

The Pre-DEC is an information sharing forum designed to shape the topics and presentations to be briefed at the DEC. Pre-DEC topics are submitted by DEC subject matter experts and representatives as documented by the DEC Membership List.

Pre-DEC topics should meet the following criteria:

  • Topics should be endorsed by the DEC Representative (GO/Flag Officer) as documented by the DoDEA published DEC Membership List.
  • Education issues should be vetted by the region school advisory group (or equivalent) before being presented at the Pre-DEC.
  • Topics should be of general interest to the council at large and not narrowly focused on a distinct local issue.
  • Topics may include requests for information or updates.

During the Pre-DEC, members should be prepared to explain the rationale for their proposed subject.

Final disposition of the proposed topics will be presented in one of the following formats:

  • In person brief at the DEC.
  • Information Paper.
  • The topic will be addressed during the DEC by the Director or respective DoDEA process owner.
  • The topic will be addressed in an email response from DoDEA Headquarters.

DEC Members who have not received a Microsoft Teams invite should contact Mr. Darryl Dean.

Topics that do not arrive in time for the DoDEA Staff to research and develop a presentation may be addressed by an information paper or comment during the DEC.

Proposed Topics should be sent to Mr. Darryl Dean NLT April 11, 2023. Topics Template

Topics previously briefed during the January 12, 2023, DEC included:

  • Student Achievement
  • Social Emotional Wellness
  • School Safety
  • Universal Prekindergarten
  • Emergency Management Training
  • The impact of Force Structure changes, and
  • Update on MILCON projects.

Upcoming Event

The next DEC is scheduled for June 15, 2023, 0700 Eastern Daylight Savings Time. The DEC host is the Honorable Mr. Gilbert Cisneros, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.

The session will be conducted over Microsoft Teams. If you are on the DEC Membership List as a representative or subject matter expert and did not receive a Microsoft Teams invite, please contact Mr. Darryl Dean.

The DEC Agenda and presentations will be posted to the DEC Website NLT June 7, 2023.


We will send calendar invites for you to save the dates, and reminders as we get closer to the DEC, but please send corrections/updates to the Membership as soon as they occur.

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