Feedback, Accountability

Help Improve Our Schools

Good order and discipline are the hallmarks of the military communities we serve. Similarly by following the DoDEA Pacific Chain of Command suggested improvements or concerns can be quickly resolved at the lowest levels.

There are two paths for advancing a suggestion or concern:

Concerning the School/District:

  1. School Administration
  2. School Advisory Council (SAC)/
    School Liaison Officer (SLO)
  3. Installation Advisory Council (IAC)
  4. District Advisory Council (DAC)
  5. Area Advisory Council (AAC)
  6. Pacific Theater Education Council (PTEC)
  7. Dependents Education Council (DEC)

Concerning an Individual:

  1. Classroom Teacher
  2. School Administration
  3. District Superintendent's Office
  4. Region Office & Administration
  5. DoDEA Headquarters

Learn more about Activity Councils


After trying the above avenues to make suggestions or to resolve an issue the Department of Defense ICE system is set up and ready to be utilized for each of our schools. Simply find the appropriate school and fill out the online ICE comment card. We appreciate your submissions!