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Good order and discipline are the hallmarks of the military communities we serve. Similarly by following the DoDEA Pacific Leadership's suggested improvements or concerns can be quickly resolved at the lowest levels.

Advisory Councils/Committees

School excellence is a shared responsibility. It takes engagement from parents, students, administrators and staff, military commanders, and the community to ensure enduring student success. The DoDEA advisory council and committee structure in the Pacific Region, outlined below, is established so representatives from these key stakeholder groups can raise issues and provide recommendations on educational programs, resources, services, and policies.  This structure allows for suggested improvements and concerns to be addressed quickly at the lowest possible level.

1. School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC is composed of an equal number of locally-elected parents and full-time professional school employees and may include a high school student enrolled in the school. The SAC advises the school principal on local school-related, non-personnel matters. Issues unresolved at the school level may be elevated to the District Advisory Council (DAC). Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact their local school principal to learn more.

2. Installation Advisory Committee (IAC)

The IAC may make recommendations and advise the installation commander regarding support provided by the military services to dependents’ schools serving that installation.  Where there is only one school on an installation, the SAC shall serve concurrently as the IAC.

3. District Advisory Council (DAC)

The DAC advises the district superintendent on matters of interest to the district. Issues unresolved at the district level may be elevated to the Regional Advisory Council (RAC).

4. Regional Advisory Council (RAC)

The RAC advises the pacific director on matters of interest to the region.  Issues unresolved at the district level may be elevated to the Pacific Theater Education Council (PTEC) or Dependents Education Council (DEC).

5. Pacific Theater Education Council (PTEC)

The PTEC consists of representatives from the U.S. Pacific Command, U.S. Forces Korea, U.S. Forces Japan, and educational representatives from component commands. Prior to their annual meeting, PTEC completes school visitations in order to view successful educational programs and make recommendations to the DoDEA Director and to the DoDEA Pacific Director for improving dependents' education overseas.

6. Dependents Education Council (DEC)

The DEC fosters communication, facilitates problem solving, recommends educational policy actions, and addresses logistics and administrative support matters between and among the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness), Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, the Director, DoDEA, the General and Flag officers representing the commanders of unified combatant commands, major service commands, military services, military departments and heads of applicable Intelligence Agencies.

Personnel & Individual Matters

If the issue involves an individual DoDEA employee, student or school volunteer, the DoDEA Chain of Command is the appropriate path for prompt resolution:

  1. Classroom Teacher
  2. School Administration
  3. District Superintendent's Office
  4. Region Office & Administration
  5. DoDEA Headquarters


After trying the above avenues to make suggestions or to resolve an issue the Department of Defense ICE system is set up and ready to be utilized for each of our schools. Simply find the appropriate school and fill out the online ICE comment card. We appreciate your submissions!

Pacific East
Arnn ES - ICE Comment Card
Darby ES - ICE Comment Card
E. J. King HS - ICE Comment Card
Edgren HS - ICE Comment Card
Ikego ES - ICE Comment Card
Iwakuni ES - ICE Comment Card
Iwakuni MS - ICE Comment Card
Kinnick HS - ICE Comment Card
Lanham ES - ICE Comment Card
M.C. Perry ES - ICE Comment Cart
M.C. Perry HS - ICE Comment Card
Mendel ES - ICE Comment Card
Sasebo ES - ICE Comment Card
Sollars ES - ICE Comment Card
Sullivans ES - ICE Comment Card
Yokosuka MS - ICE Comment Card
Yokota HS - ICE Comment Card
Yokota MS - ICE Comment Card
Yokota West ES - ICE Comment Card
Zama MHS - ICE Comment Card