Okinawa District Advisory Council (ODAC)


The ODAC is a mechanism for the DoDEA District Leadership and representatives of key stakeholder groups to foster communication, facilitate problem solving, and provide recommendations to the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) as appropriate. Members of the ODAC work collectively to enhance and improve the delivery of educational programs and support services to DoDEA students. Membership includes DoDEA District Leadership, military installation commanders, parent representatives, and school liaisons. ODAC meetings are held four times a year and all community members are welcome to attend. Please contact the District Office with any questions.

Get Involved at your School

Our schools have many avenues available to parents eager to get involved with their student’s education or for other interested community members. Visit your school’s webpage for more details on available opportunities, including volunteering, participating in the School Advisory Committees, or joining the Parent Teacher Organization.

Contact Us

On Base (DSN): 634-1024
Off Base (local): 098-961-1204

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