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Student Transportation Offices

The Student Transportation Office is dedicated to providing the community with safe school bus transportation services that are timely and comfortable. Highly trained and capable transportation specialists assist in overseeing the entire Okinawa District Student Transportation operation. Being the largest Student Transportation Office operation in DoDEA keeps us striving for continuous process improvement in all areas of our operation. If you need to register your children for bus service, have a bus transportation concern or question, please contact us at;


Okinawa Student Transportation Office  (STO)

Phone (DSN): (DSN): 645-7820/2036 Off-Base or a Cell Phone: 098-970-7820/2036   
Office Hours:  M-F 0730-1600
All Okinawa Schools supported by the Okinawa STO.
Two kids buckling up on bus.

School Bus Safety

Ensuring Young Children Get Off the Bus Safely
All Sure Start/Kindergarten students must be met by someone age 12 or older at the bus stop.  That individual must know the student's 4 digit PIN# and relay this number to the Security Attendant before the student will be released from the bus.  

School Bus Pass

E-MAIL the following information to register your children for school bus service:
  1. School attending
  2. Grade and name of children
  3. Physical address of your residence
  4. Send digital picture as a separate attachment. If using an iPhone, start with picture to send, select "forward" (bottom left), select "mail", include child's name, school, etc. in message. 
  5. 4 digit personal identification number (PIN) if the student is in Sure Start, or Kindergarten grade level.
    (The PIN for SS/KN students is created by the Parent or Sponsor for security purposes and required for picking up students at the bus stop.)

After we have determined the best bus stop for your children based on your physical address, we will e-mail you the bus route number, pick-up / drop-off times, overhead & street level photos of the bus stops. After which we will send the bus pass out on the bus, and the new rider can pick up the bus pass from the security attendant as the rider boards the bus for the first time. We can also mail the bus pass to you if time permits. No need to come to our office! 

Lost & Found

Items left on the bus are normally kept on the bus until the next bus run, or next day. If the item cannot be returned to the student directly, the item will be turned in to the school front office.