Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

AP is a program offered by The College Board, offering 38 courses and exams for students in multiple subject areas. These courses allow students to participate in college-level learning and to potentially earn college credit, advanced placement credit, or both, while still in high school; simultaneously providing opportunity for high school students to develop the time management, study skills and discipline that they will need when they start college.

All DoDEA students are encouraged to enroll in an AP class to challenge their learning in a particular content strength or a subject of personal interest. An AP course can be the opportunity a student seeks to explore the expectations and rigor required in post-secondary classes. The College Board provides some recommendations for prerequisite courses for various AP classes. All AP courses ask that students come willing to do their best work.

Any student can enroll in an AP course. Advanced Placement focuses on what students should be able to do with the knowledge they develop, with an emphasis on applied learning. The AP exam is required to be eligible for college credit; however, the exam is not required to complete the course for high school credit. Students who successfully complete the AP course, but do not sit for the AP exam will receive weighted high school credit for their studies.

For more information on Advanced Placement, you may want to refer to the College Board Website Advanced Placement(R) (AP) - The College Board

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