DoDEA adopted College and Career Ready Standards for Literacy (CCRSL) in January 2017 with a phased implementation across grade levels. The plan reached full implementation K - 12 at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. The CCRSL are taught in grades K - 12 and connect literacy with other content areas (e.g., science, social studies, the arts, and mathematics). 

The DoDEA CCRSL reflect the content and skills that students must know and be able to do to succeed in life beyond high school. The CCRSL describe student learning outcomes and expectations for performance by grade level for the end of the instructional year. Think of it this way: A set of grade level standards are taught in an increasing spiral of complexity for the entire instructional year or course. 

The CCRSL establish three major expectations at all levels K - 12: 

  • to build background knowledge through content rich non-fiction; 
  • to provide regular practice (all four domains) with complex text that includes academic language;  
  • and to utilize evidence from text to increase a student's critical thinking in all four domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). 


DoDEA's College and Career Standards for Literacy (CCRSL) K - 12

Literacy Standards for Grades K-5

DoDEA CCR Literacy Standards (CCRSL) Grades 6-12

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