Adopted Curriculum Materials

Instructional Resources K - 5 

The adopted DoDEA resources for grades K-5 is: Harcourt-Brace.  In grades 1 – 5 the student editions provide grade-appropriate content including life skills, skills for building good character, and consumer skills.  A balance of text and visuals, in addition to activities, makes health relevant to students.  At the Kindergarten level, only teacher resources are available.

K-5 Health Education Resources - Health and Fitness 

Instructional Resources – Grades 6 - 8

The adopted DoDEA resources for Health Education grades 6-8 are Comprehensive Health Skills produced by Goodheart-Wilcox. Each grade level has specific content that correlates with the National Health Standards. The student edition for all three grade levels, focuses on building life skills for students, including assessing your health, making good decisions, setting goals, using refusal skills, communicating effectively, evaluating media message, coping, being a wise consumer and practicing wellness.

Encourage Good Choices for Middle School Students with a NEW Skills-Based Health Curriculum

Instructional Resources – High School 

The adopted DoDEA resource for Heath Education in the high school is Pearson Health produced by Pearson.  The Student Edition features an easy-to navigate, student-friendly design that engages students while building ten essential life skills, such as Making GREAT Decisions, Using Refusal Skills, and Practicing Wellness. 

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