Award and Professional Opportunities

'Excellence in Instructional leadership'

Recognition, Award and Professional Opportunities

Regional Principals of the Year

The selected Regional Principals of the Years will:

  1. Be recognized by his or her region.
  2. Receive a school fund award of $2,000 (Upon budget approval).
  3. Receive a special act award of $1,000 (Upon budget approval).
  4. Maintain the high standards for which they were selected.
  5. Work with Regional, District and CIL leaderships to build plans to reach personal leadership goals and support DoDEA’s professional development initiatives.
  6. Attend and participate in wide-scale leadership conferences or events as requested by headquarters, district and region offices.
  7. Serve as models, coaches, facilitators, presenters, and/or active contributors in leadership work.

DoDEA Principals of the Year

In addition to the Regional PoY winnings listed, the selected DoDEA Principal of the Year will:

  1. Be recognized through DoDEA headquarters.
  2. Receive a year-long memberships to the appropriate national organization (NAESP or NASSP).
  3. Receive a school fund award of $4,000 in addition to regional award. (Upon budget approval.)
  4. Receive stipend award of $3,000 in addition to regional special act award. (Upon budget approval.)
  5. Attend the fall national principal association conference. (Upon budget approval.)
  6. Attend a summer educational leadership conference to support professional growth plans and DoDEA initiatives. (Upon budget approval.)
  7. Support world-wide DoDEA initiatives as requested by DoDEA directorate.
  8. Attend and participate in DoDEA and/or national events as requested by DoDEA directorate.
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