The USSYP was created by Senate Resolution 324 in 1962 and has been sponsored by the Senate and fully funded by The Hearst Foundations since inception. Each year this extremely competitive merit-based program brings the most outstanding high school students - two from each state, the District of Columbia and the Department of Defense Education Activity - to Washington, D.C. for an intensive week-long study of the federal government and the people who lead it. The overall mission of the program is to help instill within each class of USSYP student delegates more profound knowledge of the American political process and a lifelong commitment to public service. In addition to the program week, The Hearst Foundations provide each student with a $10,000 undergraduate college scholarship with encouragement to continue coursework in government, history and public affairs.

This page provides an archive of DoDEA students selected as USSYP student delegates.


Francis Baden

Baden Francis

Baden Francis, a U.S. resident, is a junior at Kadena High School in Japan, serves as the vice president of the Junior class, one of many student government roles held throughout his schooling. He is frequently found volunteering in the community and spent several weeks last summer teaching and leading Boy Scouts from across Asia at a leadership training course in Tokyo. Baden is thrilled to represent DoDEA for the Senate Youth Program and anticipates the experience will broaden his understanding of government while cementing his aspirations of future leadership in America.
Robert Rasmussen

Robert Rasmussen

Robert Rasmussen, a U.S. resident, is a senior at Vilseck High School in Germany and serves as the battalion commander for his Junior Reserve Officers Training Unit, is an active member of National Honor Society, and participates in both Model United Nations and Model U.S. Senate. Living in Germany since 2016, Robert is passionate about politics and feels the Senate Youth Program experience will give a unique perspective on how the U.S. government functions. He plans on attending the U.S. Air Force Academy.
Kyung Joon Flanery

Kyung Joon Flanery

Kyung Joon Flanery is the student body president for Humphreys High School, located in South Korea. He volunteers at his local elementary school, church, and TaeKwonDo as an instructor throughout the year. Kyung Joon believes that the United States Senate Youth Program will allow him to continue his growth as a leader and citizen.
Olivia Kearley

Olivia Kearley

Olivia Kearley, a junior at Lakenheath High School, England, serves as the Student Body Representative for the Student Council, and Treasurer of the National Honor Society. She is also a DoDEA All-Europe athlete, and volunteers as a camp counselor. Ms. Kearley believes the US Senate Youth Program will give her a clear vision of how to connect her interests to public service and she is honored to represent DoDEA at the 61st annual United States Senate Youth Program Washington Week in March of 2023.
USSYP 2022 Selectee Gabriel Stephenson

Gabriel Stephenson

Gabriel Stephenson, a U.S. resident of California, is a senior at Lakenheath High School, and serves as president of his senior class and vice president of his school's chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. Throughout high school, he has been extensively involved in athletics, academics, and performance arts. Gabriel feels that the Senate Youth experience will provide him with increased insight into government and politics and enable him to better understand his own role in the process of government.
USSYP 2022 Selectee Megan Wills

Megan Wills

Megan Wills, a U.S. resident of Florida, is a senior at Alconbury Middle/High School (AMHS), and serves as a class representative in Student Government, the vice president of the National Honor Society and the president of the Student Newsletter Club. She previously served as the AMHS Student Body secretary and Sophomore Class vice president. Since starting high school Megan has dedicated more than 130 hours to community service efforts supporting several worthwhile causes. She believes participation in this program will greatly improve her understanding of the United States government and inform future career interests in public service.
Amanda Wills

Amanda Wills

Amanda Wills, a U. S. resident of Florida, is a junior at Alconbury Middle High School in England, serves as the president of the Junior Class, ambassador for the Model UN Club, JROTC commander, and secretary of the National Honor Society. Since freshman year, Amanda has performed over 100 volunteer hours giving back to the community. Amanda believes the United States Senate Youth Program will help her explore her interest in government and how our government impacts lives at the federal, state, and local levels.
Caden Burkman

Caden Burkman

Caden Burkman, a U.S. resident of Colorado, is a junior at Stuttgart High School, serves as the vice president of the Junior class, treasurer/publicist of National Honor Society, lead delegate of Model United Nations and as the founding member of his local chapter of Model United States Senate. Caden plans to attend university to study international relations and would like to one day work for the United Nations. As an active member of his local community logging over 130 service hours, Caden is looking forward to gaining valuable experience and insight during Washington Week to increase his involvement in local and national government.
Edward Balbo

Edward Balbo

Edward Balbo is a DoDEA student living overseas on a military base on the island of Sicily. Averaging a 4.21 GPA, Edward has been active in many models of government including Junior President, Minority WHIP at Model United States Senate, a delegate at Model United Nations, and DoDEA Military Kid representative in the 2016 inauguration. Edward feels that the Senate Youth program will be a learning experience on how America functions and a catalyst for his goals of majoring in political science.
sophia Marro

Sophie Marro

Sophie Marro is a senior at SHAPE American High School in Belgium. She is currently the Senior Class President and also President of the American Legion Junior Auxiliary. She consistently participates in Model UN and varsity soccer, serving as Captain last season. In the summer of 2019, Sophie was selected for Girls State, and subsequently attended Girls Nation as an elected Senator. Sophie has a strong interest in Government service and public policy and believes the USSYP experience will expand upon her interest from a new perspective, while also providing insight for future careers.
Delegate School Year
Daniel Posthumus  Nile C. Kinnick High School 2019
Shannon Ryu  Seoul American Middle High School  2019
Mark Keller  Brussels Elementary High School 2018
Adah Barenburg  Naples Middle High School 2018
Emma Rook  Ankara Elementary High School 2017
John Casey  Ramstein High School 2017
Kyelee Fitts  Seoul American High School 2016
Aanand Shah  Kadena High School 2016
Thomas Harwood  Patch High School 2015
David Neaverth  Seoul American High School 2015
Avalon Roche  Kaiserslautern High School 2014
Phillip Ramirez  Vilseck High School 2014
Danari White Seoul American High School 2013
Makayla Palazzo Kubasaki High School 2013
Jane Rudy Brussels Elementary High School 2012
John Bonney Vicenza High School 2012
Robert DeWitt Aviano Middle High School 2011
Ryan McDonnell Lakenheath High School 2011
Joshua D. Jones Kubasaki High School 2010
Michael A. Zachau Walker Ankara Elementary High School 2010
Luke Moragne David Glasgow Farragut High School 2009
Michael Boone Kaiserslautern High School 2009
Brianna Fitch Brussels Elementary High School 2008
Christopher Brown Hanau Middle High School 2008
David Zumbach Ansbach Middle High School 2007
Kara Elder Bitburg High School 2007
Anthony Thomas Soroka Kadena High School 2006
Elizabeth Kathleen Michael Yokota high School 2006
Mark Andrew Norsworthy Lakenheath High School 2005
Brienna Christine Carroll Pusan American High School 2005
Cathleen Joy Cauguiran Matthew C. Perry High School 2004
Kerry Ann Yudiski David Glasgow Farragut High School 2004
Joe William McFadden Ansbach Middle High School 2003
Timothy Eric Nikolai Mannheim American High School 2003
Deborah Ann Crabtree Seoul American High School 2002
Jillian Jane Rennie Lakenheath High School 2002
Audrey Elizabeth Slayton SHAPE High School 2001
Steven Mario Boscovitch London Central 2001
Melissa Lea Bell Lakenheath High School 2000
Jai-Sun Lee General H.H. Arnold High School 2000
Christopher Ryan Henderson Lakenheath High School 1999
Laura Elisabeth Moody Edgren Middle High School 1999
Charmaine Alexandria Archer Balboa High School 1998
Catherine Elizabeth Christopher Lakenheath High School 1998
Andrew Sung-il Ormes Seoul American High School 1997
Marc Jonathan Perna General H.H. Arnold High School 1997
Davinder Singh Grover Wuerzburg American High School 1996
Chad Stephen Brodel Naples Middle High School 1996
Matthew Evan Davis Incirlik American High School 1995
James Christopher Hartley Bitburg American High School 1995
Krishna C. Gidwani Wuerzburg American High School 1994
Kristin Jean Dasher Soesterberg American High School 1994
Susan Tina Kitchens Pusan American High School 1993
Trasa Lee Robertson Zweibruecken American High School 1993
Marques Alan Harvey Zaragoza High School 1992
Serena Evelyn Mosley AFCENT International High School 1992
Angela Myung-Bin Im Kubasaki High School 1991
Catherine Melissa Uram Lakenheath High School 1991
Christopher Clark Campbell Zweibruecken American High School 1990
Christian Tamotsu Fjeld Kadena High School 1990
John Stuart Zakhem Bahrain Middle High School 1989
Carter Hassell Griffin Balboa High School 1989
Megan Larson Alconbury Middle High School 1988
James Lambert Osterholz American High School 1988
Carla Roberts General H.H. Arnold High School 1987
Heidi Fish Zaragoza High School 1987
Holly Kathryn Grossella Vicenza High School 1986
Jeffrey Alan Icke Soesterberg American High School 1986
Dayna D. Ferguson David Glasgow Farragut High School 1985
Patrick M. Muehlberger Lakenheath High School 1985
Martha Barrera Kubasaki High School 1984
Lea A. Schuster General H.H. Arnold High School 1984
Thomas D. Lightfoot Mannheim American High School 1983
Corinna Ulrich Zweibruecken American High School 1983
Denise Michelle Edson William T. Sampson High School 1982
Geral-Keith Martin Frankfurt American High School 1982
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