Multilingual Learner Program

Multilingual Learner Program

The DoDEA community encompasses a diverse population; therefore, a program has been designed to advance English language proficiency for multilingual learners. DoDEA's Multilingual Learner Program supports over 7,000 students in elementary, middle and high schools. 

The mission of the Multilingual Learner Program is to serve military-connected multilingual learners and their families by supporting and augmenting the acquisition of English. Our vision is that multilingual learners are prepared to be global citizens through an equitable and excellent education that leverages their academic, cultural and linguistic strengths.   

Programs for multilingual learners reflect DoDEA's core values in the belief that students are at the heart of all we do; each student can realize his or her fullest potential; educating the whole child fosters academic, social and emotional well-being; learning environments are student-centered, stimulating and relevant; high-performing educators and leaders make a difference in student success; engaging partnerships enrich the lives of our students; and our diversity inspires excellence and innovation. 

The DoDEA ESOL Program Guide: Planning for English Language Learner Success, "authorizes the administrative procedures and associated information for DoDEA's Multilingual Learner Program as required by DoDEA Regulation 2440.1." 

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