SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opened on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opened on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Parent Rights and Responsibilities

The mission of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is to provide a quality educational program that prepares all students for success in a global environment. We believe that through equal access to a quality education, all children can be challenged to achieve their best in school, and all can be successful learners.

In DoDEA, students with disabilities are provided a free, appropriate education in schools where placement and service decisions are based on the individual needs of the student, in the least restrictive environment and in accordance with the system's guiding principles. DoDEA is committed to promoting inclusive education, which is defined as the participation of all students, including those with disabilities, limited English proficiency, identified gifts and talents, and other special needs in the general education program, as appropriate.

The Parent Rights for Special Education document is designed to help you better understand your procedural safeguards as we work together to help your child with disabilities reach his or her maximum potential.

DoDEA Parent Rights for Special Education

Sample Complaint Form for Due Process Requests

A party wishing to initiate a hearing must notify the other party and the DoHA Director of the desire for the appointment of a Hearing Officer to conduct a formal due process hearing by filing a petition (also called a notice or complaint) with the Director of the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DoHA), Post Office Box 3656, Arlington, Virginia 22203 or by email at: You must also provide a copy of the petition to the school. A sample complaint form is provided above.

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