Angelique Cotton currently teaches grades 6-8, READ 180 and AVID, at Faith Middle School, Fort Benning, Georgia. She received her Elementary/Liberal Arts Degree from Adams State College and her Master's Degree in Reading from Saint Bonaventure University. Angie sees herself as a partner in learning, a facilitator. "I learn just as much from the students as they learn from me. I have failed in my job if a student goes home and states that he/she learned nothing. I believe in collaboration. For me, my greatest contribution to education is the giving of my time and efforts." Angie's superintendent states, "Her students simply love her for her honesty, her love and care for them, and her willingness to help however and whenever they need her."

2005 winner, Angelique R. Cotton
Angelique R. Cotton Read 180 and AVID Teacher
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