Mr. Roach has 32 years of teaching experience in DoDEA Schools. He has been teaching social studies, speech, and drama for the past 16 years at Scott Middle School at Fort Knox, KY., Mr. Roach also taught science, social studies, and literature at Macdonald Middle School at Fort Knox and also taught social studies at Fort Knox High School. He began his career with DoDEA as a special education teacher at Pierce Elementary School at Fort Knox. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Law Enforcement at Eastern Kentucky University and his Master of Arts in Education from the University of Louisville.

Mr. Roach's message to fellow educators is threefold. Recognize the strengths of your mentors and learn from them, listen to your students as they are the best teachers in your classroom, and be the lifelong learner you want your students to be. His community superintendent writes, "Mr. Roach's passion for teaching and love of children is only surpassed by the character and integrity he brings to the profession. This honor is well deserved and long overdue."

2009 winner, Bob Roach
Bob Roach Social Studies, Speech, and Drama Teacher
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