Ms. Koon has 34 years of teaching experience; 28 of those have been teaching in DoDEA schools at Ft. Benning, Georgia. She has been teaching physical education at Dexter Elementary School for over twenty years. Prior to coming to DoDEA, Ms. Koon taught gymnastics to a wide range of students at Columbus Gymnastics Academy and Physical Education, grades 5-12 in the Muscogee County School System.

Ms. Koon graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education. She earned her Master of Science in Health and Physical Education from Georgia Southwestern University. Ms. Koon is fluent in Spanish and sign language.

Ms. Koon believes in an "active learning style with a sense of purpose to achieve health related fitness and physical competence". She focuses on cooperation among students, teamwork skills, and encourages students to support each other. Ms. Koon uses formative assessments, observations and evaluations to make curriculum and instructional revisions in order to meet individual student needs. Before school Ms. Koon invites the students and their families, pets included, to participate in a before-school physical education program to ensure that everyone develops physically active lifestyles.

2010 winner - PamKoon
Pam Koon PE Teacher
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