Dr. Pamela Tucker is a multi-talented instructional leader who advocates for the total school program. Assigned to Robert D. Edgren Middle High School, Dr. Tucker is the English Language Arts Department Chair, Literacy Leader, Student Council Advisor, Pacific Student Transition Coordinator, and the 21st Century Innovative Teacher Leader. Dr. Tucker collaborates with the Project-based learning (PBL) teams and facilitates training in the latter role. In using literacy to connect all disciplines, Dr. Tucker shares instructional practices that improve teacher and student performance.

Passionate about students, Dr. Tucker is committed to fostering an environment of 100% acceptance and seeks opportunities to strengthen campus, community, and cultural relationships. While deployed with the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW), she served as the NATO Education Division Training Chief, responsible for providing professional development to Afghan English as a Foreign Language (EFL) specialists. During subsequent deployments, she served as the country's ten English Language Training Centers director. Recognized for implementing the first English Language Training Center for Afghan women, Dr. Tucker earned the Meritorious Civilian Service and Superior Civilian Service Awards. A decorated Army Reservist, she has endured multiple deployments.

Currently working toward a doctorate in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation at Walden University, Dr. Tucker is a lifelong learner who earned her undergraduate and master's degrees from Alabama State University. In addition, Dr. Tucker has earned postgraduate certifications and degrees from Auburn and Argosy Universities. Tucker is the Novice Academy founder, offering professional development in collaboration, communication, culturally responsive pedagogy, and technology to teachers with less than five years' experience.

TOY Edgren MHS
Dr. Pamela Tucker 7th-8th and 11th-12th ELA Teacher
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