Department of Defense Education Activity

Employee of the Quarter - First Qtr 2020

Mr. Andrew Bailey

Mr. Andrew Bailey

Administrative Officer, Europe East District

Employee of the Quarter

January – March 2020

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As Administrative Officer for the Netzaberg Schools Administration in Grafenwohr, Germany, Mr. Andrew Bailey provides broad, critical operational facility oversight of the NetzComplex Schools.  Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and Europe East District school closures, he has reported for duty every day to ensure the safety, security, and after-hours support of the NetzComplex.
During this quarter, the NetzComplex was selected as one of the Europe East DSO sites for the School Meal Program and Grab-and-Go launch program during the current COVID-19 environment.   Mr. Bailey volunteered to coordinate this effort with the partners (EastEurDSO, AAFES, and USAG Bavaria).  In concert with the local NetzComplex AAFES staff and management, he provided needed leadership and oversight in the logistical preparation and seamless execution of a Grab-and-Go Meal system, while ensuring the health and safety of the incoming parents/students and AAFES NetzComplex Staff.   He prepared one single entrance and exit pathway to the school complex, arranged a Washing Station, executed a grab-and-go location for necessary workbooks and school materials for parents, and provided direct supervision of the area which did not compromise the social distance expectations for our clientele.

Mr. Bailey also committed to extensive coordination with our contractor support to ensure schools continue to be cleaned and sanitized during this COVID-19 environment.  These necessary actions on his part ensured NetzComplex Schools maintained a crucial safety threshold as DoDEA prepares for the future return of our 1200+ teachers, school staff, and students.  Mr. Bailey ensured the coverage of school operations by maintaining a consistent physical presence at the center of our main office operations.  These above and beyond efforts have included assisting parents with obtaining Chromebooks, musical instruments, new parent registrations, and supporting teachers and parents for the grab-and-go drop sites, which provide additional student workbooks and materials for families with the digital learning launch program for schools.

Mr. Bailey continues to provide the “Ritz-Carlton” approach to a professional and timely customer service effort on behalf of our NetzComplex Schools during this dynamic and unpredictable COVID-19 environment.  Accordingly, Mr. Bailey is most deserving of this award, as his sustained excellence, attentiveness and commitment to the DoDEA mission bring great credit upon himself, DoDEA, and the Department of Defense.