Department of Defense Education Activity

Employee of the Quarter - 2020 Third Qtr

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Dr. Jennifer Fritschi

Instructional Systems Specialist
(Educational Technology)

Employee of the Quarter

July – Sept 2020

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Dr. Jennifer Fritschi is one of the Educational Technology Instructional Systems Specialists (ISS) at Headquarters. She is responsible for reviewing, implementing and working with staff on the integration of educational technology across DoDEA. Dr. Fritschi has dedicated countless hours to ensure that all DoDEA students and teachers are able to access on-line curriculum, digital content, and virtual classrooms through secure environments. Her drive and determination is evident in her purposeful partnership with each district Educational Technology ISS to ensure they have the tools and skills to advance the instructional practices within each school.

Dr. Fritschi has a collegial approach to her work and maintains a positive attitude as she has built many relationships within DoDEA that highlight the continued collaboration necessary to advance our students academically. Dr. Fritschi works in collaboration with IT, Equal Employment Opportunity Programs (EEOP), Teaching and Learning, Strategic and Organizational Excellence and the field to mitigate on-line risks that could pose a problem to our students and teachers, by forecasting possible issues ascertained through ongoing research and updates from national organizations.

Dr. Fritschi works diligently to preclude interruption to instruction and to ensure student digital safety, as usage of digital platforms continues to increase. Her work with the Google platform was vital during remote learning and reopening schools. Dr. Fritschi has created a one-stop-shop website for teachers to find a complete list of DoDEA digital resources needed to teach in both a remote and in-person environment by assembling the information from numerous people, places and applications. She continually updates the website with relevant and timely information.

Dr. Fritschi has been praised for her tireless efforts from all facets of DoDEA and always shares the credit as she is a true example of a team player. Her desire to work in partnership is only surpassed by her dedication to doing what is best for the students and staff of DoDEA.

Accordingly, Dr. Fritschi is most deserving of this award, as her sustained excellence, attentiveness and commitment to the DoDEA mission bring great credit upon herself, DoDEA, and the Department of Defense.