Department of Defense Education Activity

Employee of the Quarter - Third Quarter 2021

Sandra Trevino

Ms. Sandra Treviño

School Support Assistant
Wiesbaden Middle School, Germany

Employee of the Quarter

July – September 2021


Sandra Treviño’s commitment to serving the students at Wiesbaden Middle School in Germany is evident in her daily job performance.

As the school supply technician, Treviño regularly goes above and beyond her assigned duties. In addition to fulfilling her regular responsibilities, Treviño also took on the role of the administrative officer while the administrative officer was waiting to arrive in the country — a process that took four months.

In July and August, Treviño worked tirelessly to ensure that the school facility was ready for students. She took the initiative to creatively arrange the eating area in order to maximize space and seating options. Balancing the needs of seating within COVID operational guidelines across the various locations in the school is critical to effective school operations. And in preparation for the arrival of the new music teacher, Treviño cleaned and organized the music suite, which involved the alphabetization of thousands of groups of sheet music.

Going beyond the scope of her position, Treviño is often seen helping staff members with class projects, scheduling delivery of materials, and even in-processing. She has been invaluable in assisting with the in-processing of new employees, serving as a guide and driver for new families that join the Wiesbaden community. Wiesbaden Middle School is proud that she is one of the first 'friends' for new in-processing families.

Treviño is also an invaluable member of our student supervision team, one who is always on hand to help supervise students during lunch and bus duties. Treviño has voluntarily taken on the role of traffic director for the school complex, ensuring students arrive and leave school safely. For 45 minutes each morning, she prioritizes student safety by directing buses, walkers, and car drop-offs. The impact that this voluntary role has on the entire school complex cannot be emphasized enough. She also assists with monitoring school lunch, during which time she interacts with the students and helps them to feel valued and supported.

Treviño truly models the DoDEA vision of "excellence in education for every student, every day, everywhere."