Department of Defense Education Activity

Employee of the Quarter First Qtr 2019

Shawn Johnson

Mr. Shawn D. Johnson

Administrative Officer, Sasebo ES, Pacific East

Employee of the Quarter

January – March 2019

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As a full-time Administrative Officer, Mr. Johnson demonstrates a high level of initiative and dedication in all aspects of his duties and responsibilities. When a breach of security occurred, he volunteered to check the buildings daily for both schools that extends beyond his duty hours and a cost savings of at the minimal of $5,000 of overtime or extra duty fees. He has devised a system for the distribution and accountability of classroom and building keys, saving the school at least $15,000 of ordering new keys and locks. He is dependable, pleasant, and professional. Transportation needs are managed flawlessly for visitors' arrival and/or departure. He receives many compliments from the Pacific Director, consultants, Instructional Specialists, and dignitaries for setting up the use of the vans or providing for the transportation needs of our visitors, even if it involves the week end or after duty hours. He is highly capable of completing his duties and responsibilities on-time with minimal guidance. He is currently orchestrating the drayage of moving teachers out and into the new Sasebo Elementary as well as moving EJ King's teachers into swing spaces of the vacated classrooms of Sasebo Elementary for its new building and renovation of an existing building. Additionally, he is overseeing the air-conditioning repairs at Darby Elementary. It is a three-way logistical oversight that exceeds his position requirements. He is a peacemaker, working collaboratively with other school support personnel, such as the Handymen, Supply Clerk, GS office staff, and teachers to ensure high morale and smooth operations. Mr. Johnson is one employee who never says. “No”! Instead his mantra is, "What can I do to help out?" His willing attitude and commitment to the schools is phenomenal and exceptional.